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Funding hurdles emerge as climate change unfolds in Africa

Funding hurdles emerge as climate change unfolds in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya | Xinhua | Sunbaked mass of land littered with dry tree stumps stretch as far as the eyes can see, showing despondence.

It is apparent that there is no sign of life on the land whose surface is extremely dry and cracked due to harsh drought conditions.

Away from the land, an emaciated flamingo stands at a spot that once hosted a lake pondering its next move.

The lake is dry and what remains as a reminder of its existence is a sunken spot.

These are artists’ impressions of the worst that is currently happening in Africa as climate change unfolds and what may come in the future if mitigation measures are not mitigated.

But the artists did not only paint a picture of the negatives.

In a sketch, another artist showed a woman cooking using an improved cookstove as one of the climate adaptation measures.

The drawings were displayed on Friday at a two-day exhibition on climate change dubbed Climate Story Lab Africa in Nairobi.

The forum brought together artists, poets, storytellers and campaigners from the grassroots to international levels from across Africa.

“We are destroying the earth yet people are looking the other way. No earth, no life,” said a Tanzanian poet.

Africa, just as other parts of the world, is facing extreme climatic conditions that are threatening the existence of life.

And as the effects of climate change unfold, the continent is battling dry spells, heavy rains, colder conditions and locust invasion, all that are coming in quick succession.

It is these changes that prompted the climate activists to hold the forum and discuss the threat that climate change is, the challenges experienced, how they can be tackled and efforts being done at the grassroots to fight the global problem.

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